"Racism is a disease of white people."
 -Albert Einstein

Joel Freeman's arduous efforts at piecing together the authentic version of Africa's ancient history and America's "black experience", merits the highest degree of universal respect.
With remarkable grace, diligence and mansuetude, this native of Canadian sifted the morass of overzealous Afrocentrism and disingenuous Eurocentrism to discover truth. He has shared his discoveries via several platforms which have inspired countless Afro-American people to understand and embrace their dynamic history.


The late journalist Garry Webb was, in a sense, a John Brown of the 21 Century. It is extremely rare for a Euro-American to emerge from the vile attitude of white privilage with the strength of character to challenge this inherently racist government as this man did. His intrepid research and uniquely authentic journalism provided us with great insight into how the US govenment and local police departments thoroughly saturated the Melanated communities across America with drugs and firearms. This second installment of America's CointelPro Black Desk Operation was initiated at the start of the 1980's and extended into the mid 1990's.
This warrior gave his life alerting the international community of the illegal and savage methods by which this country's officials are continuously disabling intellectual, emotional, social, and economic progress within Melanated America along with impoverished nations within this hemisphere.
Tim Wise is among the most out-spoken, articulate and intellectually honest Euro-American men in America today. This Nashville native speaks to "power" (and the Euro-American middle class) with the most eloquent and refined contempt for political correctness.
His insights conflagrate the peculiar psychological material with which many Euro-Americans shield themselves from exposure to reality.


Martin Bernal was among the most formitible European forces to challenge the inherently racist and inaccruate history of Europe's cultural origins. This master linguist from the city of London, relying on his indomitable scholarship, toppled the regime of historical delusion constructed by early European colonial
powers. The present day guardians of numerous illogical narratives of European history continue to overpopulate modern accademia. However, this mob confronted insurmountable difficulty in utilizing
ad hominem to undermine the integrity of Bernal's good character, keen reasoning and meticulous research. 


Basil Davidson was as towering in stature as he was in intellect and valor. He was a brilliant creative writer, journalist, documentarian and historian from the city of Bristol. As a researcher in Africa for many years, he brought forth shocking facts regarding the sophistication of ancient African civilization and its influence on the development of world civilization. Currently, the overwhelming majority of his research is actively obscured by the University Industrial Complex.