"Racism is a disease of white people."
 -Albert Einstein

 the problem
Racism, melanophobia, and the Slave Mentality are easily the most devastating social, political, psychological and economic scourges by which the United States of America has ever been ravished. These vicious mental illnesses are as rampant today as they were during Antebellum.
However, they now take expression far less overtly but no less affectively. We must never lose sight of this fact and must persist in addressing this problem by whatever manner we are most capable. 


the solution

Arbomb's philosophy is that there exists a great benefit in drawing attention to, and placing emphasis on, the high-quality minds within our society which are actively conquering racism and melanophobia. Such a use of our attention will have the dual effect of inspiring further progress among these great minds while encouraging others to develop.
This website has been dedicated to Euro-Americans and Europeans who have successfully extricated themselves from, or were intellectually fortified against the psychological defects of racism and melanophobia. The individuals featured on this website are among the Western World's most miraculous achievements and are shaking the foundation of White supremacy.
Ar Bomb's objective is to help eradicate racism and melanophobia through the promotion and support of individual Euro-Americans and Europeans who have developed beyond these mental afflictions.This will be accomplished through the collection and wide circulation of video and literary products featuring such remarkable people.
An additional aim of this initiative is to help heal the multi-generational Slave Mentality among Afro-Americans along with the paralleling Colonial Mentality suffered by mainland Africans. From the earliest stages of the "white man's burden" Crusades, Europeans have used their violently acquired influence in an attempt to smother or erase the historical facts of black Afican genus and the preeminence of black African civilization. This has had a most deleterious effect on Melanated (black) self-respect and self-love across the African Diaspora.
The Euro-Americans and Europeans featured on this website have courageously sacrificed their cowardly and unearned white privilege by daring to speak truthfully regarding historical and social matters involving Melanated people.

Exposing members of the Afro/Euro-American population to these revolutionary thinkers will help reorganize the subconscious minds of Americans afflicted with the Slave Mentality and melanaphobia thus contributing to national healing.

Please note:

The people featured on this website are not officially affiliated with ArBomb and may or may not agree  with it's philosophy and/or methods. This is an independent platform being used to celebrate their contributions to the world.

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